Thursday, June 5

Penelope Cruises In

Penelope has been around the block a couple of times.

Given away by her original owner, she was passed on to a third family who had her for only a few days beforethey decided they couldn't afford her medical care.

Our California volunteer, who had been approved only days before, collected Penelope from her surrendering family and immediately noticed that Penelope was urinating blood. She got her to the vet and the next day Penelope was scheduled for emergency surgery. Here's what her foster mom said:

"Penelope is a real sweetie, but we knew very little about herbackground. There was basically no medical record, and the people who surrendered her said that they'd only had her for a few days.

"During her first few hours I noticed that Penelope experienced a lot of discomfort when urinating. Today I was able to get her to the vet and she was diagnosed with 2 HUGE bladder stones. After seeing the x-ray, I cannot believe this poor little girl was even walking around. To my untrained eye, the stones seemed to take up 80% of her bladder."

During her surgery, Penelope had two bladder stones removed. They were the size--according to someone who saw them--of Swedish meatballs: slightly smaller than a quarter in circumference. This girl has been in serious pain for a long time.

She's going up on the foster roster during this week's update, but for now, we are hoping for some good thoughts and wishes for poor Penelope, who is, even with the sutures, much more comfortable today than this time last week. And her foster mom says that even with her history of pain, she is a dear soul and as loving and friendly as she can be.

Silly thing doesn't know enough to play things up for treats and snuggles, sighs
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Penelope you have come to the right place to heal both your body and your soul. FBRN will find you health and a forever home...and teach you all about playing :-)

Anonymous said...

Dang you're a beautiful girl!

Okay, okay so this IS your foster mom but I'm not telling lies :)