Wednesday, June 25

Olaf Makes a Hit!

Here is the note Olaf's foster mom received from his new family:

"WE ARE IN LOVE!!! Olaf is awesome, he is such a wonderful cuddly sweetheart. He and Huxley are already great friends, they just play, pass out, play, pass out. The other night we went out to dinner, put Olaf in his crate, and when we got home Huxley was sleeping right next to the crate. Normally he sleeps on the bed or couch, but nope,
he was right next to the crate keeping his brother company. My mom, dad, brother, and his girlfriend came over the other night to meet Olaf. They were all crazy about him.
My mom gave Huxley attention first, you know, like a good grandma should, but she
couldn't take her eyes off Olaf. She said if she didn't have her own dog at home she would try and steal him, hehe.

We had a nice weekend, lots of walks around the neighborhood, and met some new doggie friends. He seems to be adjusting really well. He is had a few accidents in the house, but we are working on getting him into a routine, and as long as we stick to that he is a very good boy.

He does love toys, Huxley's stuffed skunk, raccoon, and lobster are all missing their tails. He also really liked my woven leather sandals, but we told he toys are much more fun. He is going tomorrow with me to meet his new vet.

Well, we finally decided Olaf is going to stay Olaf. Jude loves that name, and I think it is pretty cute, so its going to stay. When my family was over we were going through some name ideas, but everyone just keep coming back to Olaf. I've been calling him Big O, but Olaf it is!

Thank you again for choosing us, I know its only been a few days, but already I couldn't imagine my life without him. He is just wonderful,and you were the best foster mom ever for him!

Here are some more photos of our new boy Olaf.

ps - you were right, he gives the best puppy kisses!"

Ah, yes! The frogs are indeed premier osculationists, opines
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure to meet this little frog, Olaf, and have to confirm that he is a real darling! Thanks, FBRN, for another happy ending!

Anonymous said...

you should have picked me.i would never keep olaf in a crate..i would never even leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Olaf, he looks like a great dog. Bye the way i have a frenchie named Huxley. I thought he was the only one! Cool name!