Saturday, December 8

Tallulah and Joey One Eye Stay Out of the Rain

The rainy rains are falling ceaselessly in the Great Northwest of the US and the frogdogs who live there are sick and tired of it! Our Frenchie friends do not, as a rule, enjoy the sensation of wet paws, and when the raindrops are coming down, they go right into a poor bat-eared dog's poor bat ears! Right down in there! Cold! Wet! Oog. Who likes it?

Certainly not FBRN grads Tallulah and Joey One Eye. Tallulah doesn't like the rain one little bit, but as we see here, she doesn't seem all that thrilled about playing dress up to wile away a bleak mid-winter afternoon, either. Here is Tallulah dressed as Shakespeare's famous young lover, Looliet. We are thinking she is hoping that that bottle of poison doesn't have a frog-proof cap on it.

On a rainy day, Joey One Eye and Loolie arrange themselves upon the sofa to take advantage of the dreamsome fire as dogs have done from the time they first crept out of the darkness to steal a discarded gazelle bone and stayed for the tummy rubs.

Joey and Loolie hope your weekend is full of coziness and the company of beloved friends and family, and that nobody makes you put on an itchy hat with a pinchy chinstrap.

Down with itchy hats! And itchy crowns, too! adds
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh fine, F.P. Now you've gone and made them FAMOUS. Like they weren't hard enough to live with as it was.

Uh, oh. I hear them ringing their little bell for service...I better hop. Methinks they want tea and toast in front of the fire.


Anonymous said...

Frenchies in front of the fire--how scrumptious! And Looliet looks lovely in her finery!