Saturday, December 1

Simba Rides the Rails

In a two-part narrative describing Simba's arrival and a one-week report, we present the story of a handsome new boy fresh off the Underdog Railroad (UDRR) of FBRN. When he was surrendered in Southern California, we found that there was no room in any of our foster homes in the area, as they are all full up with other needy frogs. (Do you live in SoCal? Would you like to join FBRN and maybe foster a needy Frenchie or serve as a conductor on the UDRR? Get in touch with our volunteer coordinator, Sally Curatola at SJCuratola at aol dot com) Thankfully, a foster home over the border in Arizona was available to take this itchy boy. After several days of email tagging and schedule shuffling and synchronizing of watches, Simba climbed aboard the UDRR to make his Thanksgiving week journey. Here's some of what his foster mom had to say about Simba's arrival.
"Simba is settling in nicely. I cannot thank you all enough for braving the traffic and pitching in to get him to me. The Frenchie handoff went unbelievably smoothly. Last night he was my shadow when we reached my house, and today he is my husband's foot warmer. His next handoff has got to be his last, poor fella.

As you can see from the photos, Mr. Simba is a looker. He's already earned the nickname "Simbalicious." In fact, I have to order an FBRN t-shirt in his size (my guys wear Fridget sizes which are just a tad too small for Simba's brawn) because this kid is a walking billboard for FBRN. We were stopped eight times by "inquiring minds" on our walk this morning. I imagine that is going to be a regular occurrence and I am going to have to have FBRN business cards ready to hand out (do you think people will be put off if I produce a card from my gym sock?)
He is a great walker, and has obviously had some training, either that or he is savant who immediately caught on to "sit" and "stay." No signs of aggression at all. We witnessed [my Frenchie] Clementine issuing some quick corrections to him at their meeting in Blythe.(Clementine is the cream girl displaying a notable lack of hospitable charm in this photo) Apparently poor young Simba was never educated in "the Queen's protocol", and HRH Princess Clementine felt it was prudent to issue a sharp rebuke and suggestions on a crash course in said protocol. He now displays the necessary deference to Her Royal Highness and while they are only together when I supervise, they are coexisting peacefully, no staredowns, no power struggles.

Hannibull, as suspected, could not be more thrilled to have a partner in crime. They play well together and are snoring side by side next to me as I type this. We incorporated Simba immediately into our routine, and he now returns from walks, and sits and waits with my two frogs at the door to get a wipedown before entering as if he has always done this. He goes in the crate without a problem, he whimpers a little if he thinks you can hear but is easily quieted with a Nylabone or stuffed Kong. He's well housetrained and will go potty on the first spot you take him to on a walk. (In this photo, Simba's on the left. Simba may not be too sure about us but Hannibull couldn't be happier)

We kept to our routine both last night and this morning, and just made him part of it. No food aggression around meals or with treats, something I would expect to see even this soon since the resource guarding that was ascribed to him is usually borne of insecurity and I would think with what he has been through in the last week, he would be feeling pretty insecure about now, but so far so good.

It will be another two or three weeks before I think he will be settled in enough to get an accurate assessment about him and other dogs or other triggers. I was dogsitting my neighbor's Cocker, Chloe this weekend, and Simba was copacetic with her as well.

I'll get him checked out at the vet this week. According to his vet records, he has had some rashes and itchy skin and inflamed areas on the face, neck and groin off and on the last couple of months for which he was prescribed antihistamines and steroids (oral, topical, and injections) Not unexpected, considering the skin issues showed up upon his turning one year-old, when allergies often present and also at the time of year the Santa Anas kick up in California and cause everyone's allergies to go haywire, plus the stress of moving to multiple homes and also multiple dog foods according to his records. Hopefully, the itchies will be addressed by a quality diet and some stability in environment, but I expect he will be itchy for a while at the beginning, due to arriving in another state with a new set of allergens.

We are going to get him an ID tag and a harness and a Kong of his own today. [He came with a lead and a nylawishbone as gifts from his UDRR conductors] He loves the deer antlers my guys chew. We are just so impressed with him, he is going to make someone a wonderful companion."

Simba is a very appealing frog, and he will be appearing on the foster roster at the next web site update, if you are of a mind to sponsor his handsome self. Stay tuned for another blog entry on Simba's progress in his foster home and learn whether Clementine contains her choler and Hannibull stays happy!
The Frog Princess

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