Thursday, December 20

Junior Jogs Along

Junior is one of FBRN's problem children. He is fostering with a wonderful professional dog trainer in the beautiful Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania, and he is slowly learning how to manage his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and to respond in less frantic ways to the various things that set him off.

Over the past few months, he has become used to many minor stimula and no longer loses his behavioral equilibrium at quite so many of the little things. He continues to make progress toward being able to handle more challenging triggers. Here's a note and some photos of young Junior--if you look at the pretty girl in the pink coat, you may recognize another of our problem children: Zoe.

"Junior has had a good month. His progress is slow but steady and as he learns to calm, he becomes more and more lovable.

We discussed a little medication for him, but for now I've decided to hold off and continue as we are. Junior and I have a lot of fun together, he's a dog who loves to be out with you whether you're walking, throwing the ball or getting the logs in for the woodstove, the boy is right by your side, he even carries little sticks in for kindling.

I truly love this boy, for all his little defects, he works hard to please and when given something to do is a pleasure to be around. He and I spend a lot of late night snuggle time watching tv -- is Southpark appropriate for a young Frenchie?"

FBRN is very fortunate to have the help and experience of a number of trainers, especially given the rising numbers of behaviorally challenging French Bulldogs coming to FBRN. We are planning to offer 2-day weekend seminars to train our volunteers in both the basics of handling any dog effectively, as well as an introduction to handling a challenging dog within the next few months. We'll make announcements on the web site and here on the blog closer to the dates, in case you are in one of the areas of the seminars and are interested in attending. One of the seminars will take place on the East coast and one in the Pacific Northwest region.

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Is that photo of little Junior trying to follow his foster mom in the car toooooo precious!? Looks like he will make someone a wonderful family member, one day! God bless, Junior!