Sunday, December 23


We welcomed Ramsey to FBRN's fold last week. He came to us following the sad passing of his person. Which reminds us, have you made any arrangements for your dogs in the event that the anorexic guy with the scythe comes a-knockin' at the door? You really should. You know you should. Make it one of your New Year's resolutions. You know you'll feel better if you do. If you don't have family or a friend who can take your Frenchie, just specify that FBRN should be contacted. We'll come running.

Ramsey had the great good fortune to land in a foster home where he will be outfitted in couture, made to fit by his foster mom, a fabulous needleworker and designer. Here he is in his coat. We love the hood and belt.

And here's a shot of Ramsey in a jaunty mode, wearing his coat and a wee Santa hat. The hat is covering up his ear, which has a nasty hematoma. A hematoma is kind of an enormous blood blister. We think Ramsey has allergies that caused him to either shake his head or scratch his ear until he developed that big ol' blister. Poor guy. We have put him on a homemade diet, hoping to reduce the amounts of additives, preservatives and grains he's eating. He has medications, and he'll be starting some prednisone later this week to reduce the swelling so the vet can get a look at what's going on in the ear canal.

And here is Ramsey with a new friend. Frogs to the frog! His foster mom reports that Ramsey is feeling much better after his episode of car-sickness during his transport, though he has a tendency to vomit when he has to have his ears cleaned, or during other stressful times. Apart from the whoopsies, young Ramsey is just a hilarious little clown! He is on stage and in the spotlight at all times. His foster family, who have done lots of boxer rescue, are simply captivated by this silly little performer. We can't wait to hear more about his antics as time goes on.

We have more new Frenchies to tell you about this week, including the Puppy Mill 6 Pack and sweet, suffering little Gabriel, who needs lots of help and good thoughts.

A word of advice to the naughty little Frenchies out there: Don't wait for the night before Christmas to be good!
The Frog Princess

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