Saturday, December 22

Shuggie Lu is Home for Christmas!

Shuggie Lu, our rip-roarin', knee-slappin', gut bustin' Frenchie girl has found herself in her forever home just in time for Christmas!

The little gal on the left, looking like the Christmas presents have all been opened and she got a rock, is Shug's new sister, Roxanne.

We remember well how it felt to have an interloper come bustling in, all uninvited and subtle as the serpent in Paradise. Just look at Shuggie Lu, pretending she doesn't know the furniture is off limits! It's good to know that Roxanne is there to maintain some order and propriety!

Oh, that's typical! Now, isn't this just par for the course?
New dog gets treats! New dog gets love! New dog sucks all the air from the room at the annual Christmas Howliday party. Using some newly acquired (like 5 minutes ago) photographic editing skills, let's get a close-up of Roxanne's expression:When it comes to expressive features, can you beat a Frenchie? Oh, yeah, let's not forget to check out the new Christmas leash and collar that Shuggie Lu is sporting.

Meanwhile, there is poor Roxanne under the table, lone and lorn, mere chopped liver to Shuggie Lu's smoked salmon! We wouldn't blame her a bit if Roxanne took to picketing in front of the family home with a wee sign over her shoulder: "On Strike! Unfair to Roxanne!"

And let us note how Shuggie Lu appropriates the WHOLE bed! Leaves Roxanne only a measly corner to pout and sulk in. Ah, but she does it so well. See how Roxanne turns her back on Shug?
See how she expresses her wintry discontent in every eloquent line of the spine and tilt of the jaw?
Oh, the sorrow and the pity and the pity and the sorrow. Ain't it sad? Ain't it pitiful? Roxanne. We feel your sadness and we send you our pity. The whole idea of adding a dog to a home that already has a perfectly good dog in it is just so wrong. And we know you are both perfect and good! Believe us, we know! You remind us of ourselves, not so long ago, when our own sister was so rashly ushered in! It's a blow, it really is. As if we weren't enough joy. As if we were inadequate in the adorable department. We know, we know--they'll say we are over-reacting. They'll say we are being melodramatic, and they'll laugh at us and call us their little Sarah Bernhardts! O! how they jest at scars who never felt a wound!

Let us draw a veil over these heart-rending and bathetic scenes. As the shadows fall, we can merely call for a detente between these two beautiful girls.

Peace on earth, goodwill 'tween frogs, is the pious hope of
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

It is surely among the greatest of life's tragedies, to learn that one is not enough. As the eldest FrogPrincess, you suffered yourself.

Of course, your sisters got to be somewhat acceptable companions. In time.


Anonymous said...

Ah F.P., what pearls are wrought by your froggy quill. So eloquently do you describe the plight of dear Roxanne (can I kill her mom? Can I kill her?)

It brings a tear to my jaundiced eye. I, who felt the same sting, oh yes! when Loolie sauntered in and said with a sneer "Hey! Who's in charge here!"

How fondly I look back when it was ME doing the interloping and Patti who had her nose out of joint! Those were the days....

Joey One Eye

Anonymous said...

As one Roxanne to another, my advice to the previous one-and-only is to take advantage of the presence of a potential new subject. I'm surprised the FP did not advise little Roxanne as to the opportunity to obtain mutual groomings, extra warmth during cold weather via cuddling, and the prospect to obtain extra treats by coaxing (or hook & crook, i.e., "look at that over there!" whilst snatching a tasty morsel.) Dear Roxanne, please take advantage of this golden opportunity to take advantage of a fellow frog (lovingly, of course) whenever possible! Sincerely, Roxanne in AZ