Monday, December 17

Happy Holidays!

Bonjour mes amis, I am Darla! Many of you know me from my column in JustFrenchies.
I was most pleased to be asked to pen a blog entry regarding one of my grand passions- le shopping! Although I am a grand dame of 10 years, I still adore fashion. As well as giving and receiving gifts, and as the holidays are upon us- let the shopping commence!

First, I must mention that I am wearing one of my favorite accoutrements, the original feather boa collar from the truly trendy "High Maintenance Bitch."

They have the most divine styles, and wearing one is a sure way to get noticed by the pawparazzi!

Of course, the philanthropic frenchie should first buy his or her holiday gifts from the FBRN shopping mall, where your dollars go to support rescue French bulldogs! I have been a member since its inception in 2001, and I am most proud of the work we do. Go here to shop 'til you drop, for the most fabulous cause!

They have many chic items for the well-dressed frenchie. From coats and collars, to leashes and charms! And there are gifts for the discriminating French bulldog owner as well- many in our own likeness. Who wouldn't want a lovely frenchie tile? Or a darling FBRN tote bag? Get your charge cards out, and make some rescue frenchies very happy!

And of course, the FBRN CafePress online store is tres LOADED with items for both frenchies and their people. C'est fantastique!

The 2008 FBRN calendars are wonderful! As is the FBRN logo-wear! It is a true conversation starter.

I'd also like to mention some of my other favorite online shops. One of my favorites is Saltlick- ma mere et ma petite fille both have garments from them, and they are truly top quality! Custom pieces are their specialty, so email them for more info on making your favorite frenchie into a wearable work of art! Here is one featuring moi and Spanky:

Another fave t-shirt company of mine, featuring man's most favorite companion is found online at the web store Saraphia. One design features two frenchies, and is simply to die for!you can purchase it here:

And of course, we must mention one of everyone's fave shopping spots- Target, or as we French call it, "Tar-jay"!

They have multitudes of wonderful dog items and things are just the right price! Here is current FBRN foster Simba, modeling an Isaac Mizrahi for Target dog tee (currently on clearance!) and also enjoying a chew on his Boots and Barkley crackling newspaper toy, from Target as well.

And here is Simba with his foster brother and sister, Hannibull and Clementine, all wearing fun dog tees! At left is Hannibull wearing a "Cold Nose Warm Heart" tee from Target, Simba is in the middle wearing an FBRN brand "Frenchie Nutrition" tee from FBRN's CafePress store, and Clementine models a "Naughty" tee, from Target. (But we really know she is nice!)Nothing could be cuter, no?

And I must mention another company that is most frenchie-friendly, Charming Pet Charms! They have the most adorable party collars and clever toys- shown here is current FBRN foster Rosebud, wearing the red roses collar and sniffing the Rose toy that tells her it "Loves her!" And who wouldn't?

I must also include a book maman wrote a chapter for, it is called "The French Bulldog", and it is available on and is simply filled with fascinating info regarding les bouledogues francais! Did I mention photos of moi are in the book?

And last but not least, you must contribute to the French Bulldog Rescue Network's online holiday fundraiser! Buy a virtual gift for the rescue frenchies! It's one thing to look beautiful on the outside, but helping a rescue frenchie makes one beautiful both inside and out.

Au revoir! And happy shopping!

Yours, Darla

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shopping tips! I can vouch for the FBRN 2008 Calendars! I've already received mine, and it is great! I also have one of the garden Frenchies, and plan on getting another when I can. All 3 of my Frenchies are stylin' in FBRN logo or pattern Cafe Press t-shirts (better than a sweater in mild climate, as they can wear inside and outside). We also have gorgeous FBRN St Francis pop-bottle-top collar charms, and everything we've ever ordered has been wonderful! SHOP TIL YOU DROP!