Wednesday, September 12

Whew! Some Nap!

Oh, my goodness, are we ever disoriented! Last thing we remember is spinning some wool and sticking our royal digit on the sharp spindle of the wheel. Just woke up.

The yard is a mess. Blackberries simply taking over the joint.

So, what's new? Buncha stuff you should know about. If you are on the East coast of the US, here's a shindig you might want to attend. Especially if you are the rowdy, political, outspoken kind of Frenchie or dog enthusiast we know so many of you are! If you are going to be near Harrisburg on the evening of Fri. Sept. 14th, maybe you can meet up with some of FBRN's volunteers on the steps of the capitol building for a candlelight demonstration. If you can't make it Friday, there's a happening on Saturday, too. It's beautiful there in Pennsylvania Dutch country, but unspeakable things are happening on some of those lovely farms. Check out Puppy Mill Awareness Day. If it weren't so far from the our Kingdom, we'd be there. Do it for Smeagol.And for all the Smeagols who never got out.

And what else has been happening while we enjoyed a siesta? Let's see.
We took in a new boy, named Yogi, who appears to be a fine and feisty fellow.
When unexpectedly introduced to several felines while on a merry pop-in to a neighbor, he expressed no interest in separating the kitties from their livers. Then, on the same visit, he met and charmed a 16 month-old baby, which is not as easy as you might think. To top things off, he accepted a bath and grooming with all the elan and intestinal fortitude one would expect from a good boy. He's a little skinny, but we are fixing that right up.

Here he is, wearing out the Airedale and the other Frenchie in his foster home. Someone is going to be getting a little slice of Frenchie heaven with this sweetie pied.

Until next time, we reckon we'll just stumble off and pour ourselves a cup of ambition, yawns
The Frog Princess


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