Thursday, September 20

Benny Finds a Clue

Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you a breaking news story from a certain patio where Benny the Frog is currently engaged in an investigation the likes of which hasn't been seen since the mystery of "How in H*** Did All These Socks Get Under the Couch Cushions, Benny?"
Here you may see Benny the Frog investigating the unthinkable. Someone has invaded the patio and disturbed the 'mater plants to such a degree that perfectly good to eat and delectable 'maters have fallen to the ground, there to grow squashy and not as good as when they are bitten from the bough.
What sort of depraved lunatic would invade a patio garden, shake the 'mater bushes until the fruits fall, and then walk away from the wee bites of the gods' own food? Great Googly Mooglies! What kinds of animals are lurking without the gated walls of our patio garden, anyway? We must devise a better security system, Benny shouts. This boldness and waste must not stand!

We join you in your fear and trembling, Benny! A beast with so little in the way of conscience or taste-buds does not bear thinking of, shudders

The Frog Princess

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