Thursday, September 27

Aimee! Whatchu wanna do?

"I think I could stay with you for awhile, maybe longer, if I do!" --Pure Prairie League

Our beautiful and talented Aimee has been recovering from her bout with the demon spawn giardia! We have forgiven her for her ambition and we are so delighted that she is learning about playing and running and snuggling after so many years of neglect and fear.

Her foster family say they are going to miss her terribly. Something in her eyes, they say, just lights her up inside. And they will miss her snorts and snuffles and her clicky-clicky toenails.

Aimee will be going up on the available page on next week's update. If you have room in your heart and home for a sweet, sweet girl who really deserves a life of pampering and luxury and love, keep an eye out for her biography, and write an application that tells us why you, more than anyone else, are her perfect people!

"Aimee, whatchu wanna do?" Oh, heavens, that's gonna be running through our mind for days. That song and a strange yearning for keg beer and sunny, green quads and college pals, reminisces

The Frog Princess

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