Tuesday, September 4

Jersey Jack Back Home in Jersey

After a period of recovery on the lovely Long Island of New York, our once nearly hairless and itchy Jersey Jack has returned to the land of his origins: New Jersey. We got a lovely note from his new mom and some wonderful photos of the handsome Jersey Devil himself and each one features his lovely Jersey Devilette, Nadia. They are joined at the hip and could not get along more swimmingly.

Here's the note from Jack's mom:

"On Aug. 18th, Jersey Jack successfully traveled all the way down the NJ Turnpike & is now calling South Jersey home. Jack is doing very well with his new family.

He has adapted to living with his very excited Frenchie sister, Nadia. They clicked and started playing together right from the start. During play time, Nadia really likes to run. Jack has quickly figured out he doesn't have to chase her completely around the house. All he has to do is go half way and wait for her run the rest of the lap & catch up to him.

This way she runs double the laps and tires out faster, all the while he conserves his energy for the more important things...like neighborhood watch!

Top item on the pair's list is neighborhood watch. Nadia graciously made room for Jack on her perch in the front window. The two keep guard and protect the house from intruders of the squirrel and rabbit variety. They do a very thorough job. Jack is teaching Nadia the art of howling, something Nadia never attempted until now. They are almost musical together, almost!!!!

Having a little sister has come in handy for Jack. Nadia has shown him how to master the dog door. Jack was a quick study, one week later he confidently flies through the dog door. So far he has a good record. Just had the one mishap that ended with a Jack shaped hole in the screen!

All in all, Jack is settling in very nicely. He has made himself right at home, and found a special place in our hearts."

What did you expect? He's a Frenchie! points out
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

SOOOO happy to see Jersey Jack doing so well! We sponsored him when he was a hairless, hopeless boy, and now he is in his forever home and doing so well. As is our Phoebe, the deaf frenchie that came in from the cold. THANKS FBRN for making a difference, and congrats to Jersey Jack's parents for getting such a special frenchie!

Anonymous said...

I admit that I cried when I saw that Jersey Jack got adopted. He is such a brave beautiful dog. He and Nadia look really good together! All the best to you Jack and to your wonderful new family! Great pics by the way...Lise

Balboa said...

what a wonderful story, I love the pic of turing around to pose for the pic, just priceless.

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