Friday, September 14


Here's a note from Bagel's new mom, with a photo of Bagel and his Frenchie soeur:
"Mr Bagel is doing wonderfully. He and his Frenchie sister are an inseparable pair. We have discovered that they love water and like to play hippopotamus, always with life vests on of course. We couldn't be happier and can't imagine our lives before Mr. B.

Thank you for all your efforts and hours of volunteer work. It is an amazing gift to give, the love of a Frenchie."

Shucks, ma'am; we only deliver the Frenchie, it's the Frenchie who gives the love, drawls
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Awww...Bagel and sis are such a cute bunch of hippos!

Thanks for makin' them deliveries, FBRN! And don't forget you also show many mistreated and neglected Frenchies how to love...You guys are the best!

Balboa said...

OH MY, how precious and wonderful, mommy is crying right now, she is so happy.

Frenchie Snorts