Thursday, September 27


Here is a note we received from 10 month-old Pippa's foster mom, with information about her condition and prognosis.

"Pippa was surrendered to us after the owner did some extensive testing on her to determine the problem. The Animal Neurology and MRI Center results suggest a thoracolumbar spinal cord problem and severe malformation of her thoracic vertebrae and, due to the degree,it is not amenable to surgery.

Two ways to manage this and try to slow the continued decline is to restrict activity and steroid therapy. They also added that there is potential that despite this treatment she will continue to decline and will be unable to ambulate or urinate voluntarily. If this occurs, a cart could be considered but urinary bladder expression would be required.

OK now for the good news:

~She gets along wonderfully right now and is having a wonderful time. She is not really playful in spite of her age but thankfully due to her condtion. She does get a cute bounce when she has it in her head to play. Her back end has an odd swing, but it works for her

~I just took some wonderful pics of her chomping down on a watermelon and will have to get them sent out soon but when she had to surrender the rind (unwillingly) I gave her a little banana and LOOK OUTbecause she was NOT sharing banana. I am hoping that never goes on her can't have list. She is basically loving life!

~ Right now she is not on any meds and can have anything she wants...YEA!!

~ She is cat and gentle kid safe and does like any size dogs.

The otherside is:

~Her future adopter needs a One level house as steps will be out--even more so as she ages

~Her future adopter is looking at the medical needs of a physically adapted pup and the ups and downs that go with that.

~x-rays were sent with her so the new adopter can monitor more easily with a starting point

But for this little bit of time she is mine to hug and scritch and feed bananas!"

Pippa sounds like a real sweetie! She is a very pretty little thing, too! We are going to keep our fingers crossed that with very careful and educated care, Pippa will continue to get along just fine for a long time.

The Frog Princess

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Balboa said...

Whats up with not getting to eat the rind~ how rude! At least you got to enjoy the banana!

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