Monday, December 30

Feisty and Super Smart!

So, yes, the person who surrendered Stevie to a shelter claims Stevie bit a toddler who tried to steal his toy.  But, let's be honest--haven't we all wanted to bite a toddler from time to time?  (No? Really? OK--Perhaps we are alone in that.)

We're just suggesting that not all toddlers are angelic little cherubs.  There's a reason the trope of The Bad Seed keeps getting play in films and books and comic strips.  And, of course, even relatively good kids aren't born knowing that you can't steal a dog's toy.  That's not kosher.  And since kids don't know any better, parents have got to be, you know, parents and not let kids steal dogs' toys. 

And if parents won't be parents and teach kids not to steal dogs' toys, then the dogs themselves will do it--and some dogs are better at gauging how much discipline is required than others.  Stevie might have taken the correction of the insolent hairless puppy a little too far.

All we know is, apart from a nibble at his first foster mom's foot, Stevie has been a good boy in his second foster home.  It's true that before his foster mom taught him that the crate was a place where cookies rained and good things happened, he got a little irritable when he was made to go inside, but that's over now. 

We figured out what Stevie's problem is.  You know those videos of polar bears getting to play with pumpkins, and sea otters getting big blocks of ice with fish frozen inside?  Zookeepers do that stuff to keep the animals' brains engaged and to keep them from getting bored.  Stevie is smart.  The boy needs ENRICHMENT! He likes ACTION! 

Stevie is a bright boy and he needs to be engaged and active and he needs to have his brains exercised.  This is really a great kind of dog for a person who likes dogs, because it means that you both get to really enjoy each others' whole being.  Stevie gets to be the best he can be when he's learning and responding to his person, and his person gets to enjoy figuring out how to keep Stevie occupied and what turns his crank. 

Are you active?  Intelligent?  Interested in a dog that is as active and intelligent as you?  Check out Stevie's page.  

He's a great little guy, and he's looking for a family willing to spend some time and creative energy with him.

Not too much to ask, in the opinion of

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Do I see mischeivious written all over your face, BOL. Any updates on Edward?