Thursday, December 26

Brindle Bitch with a Heart of Gold

She's got a bite history.  She doesn't like puppies.  She won't share her toys.

You know her kind.

She's a Frenchie bitch.

She's the Chanel suit of Frenchie girls, the classic that never goes out of style; she's the little bitch we love to love.

Lillebette wants you to love her and her alone.  She doesn't want to compete for your attention.  By God, she shouldn't have to.

It's her world, sir or madame, you are just living in it.  And while you are sitting there, living in her world, you could be rubbing her tummy or sharing your body heat with a little snoogle time. It's good to have a purpose.  Loving Lillebette could be your purpose.  Get on that, please.

Learn more about this classic number on her available page.

We'd never admit to resembling this stereotypical figure of Frenchie femininity, sniffs

The Frog Princess


Letitia said...


Champagne Macarons said...

Sounds like my Mlle Coco.. and looks like her too! Is that allowed ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh who will the lucky winner be???!!!! xoxox I just live to serve HRH. <3 Deb & Ralphie, aka HRH