Sunday, December 1

Lillebette Is on the Mend!

Lillebette did something to her neck and has spent the past 2 months or so on crate rest.  "Crate rest" sounds as sad and pitiful as it is for an affectionate and active girl like Lillebette.

But now she's feeling much better, and she has returned to her place as ruler of the roost!  Her family is working to rebuild her muscle tone with exercise, and she'll be available on the Dec 14 website update.

Here's the note her foster mom sent: 

"November's been good to Lillebette and she's headed back to the available page. After nearly 7 weeks of rest and treatments, Lillebette is recovered from her neck injury and is no longer on medication or crate rest. We are still monitoring her activity levels, but feeling very optimistic about her future.
Now that she's free to come out of her crate/pen and play she's really showing us her fun playful side. Thanksgiving day she was in her glory, showing off all her ball chasing and laser light pouncing skills for our son and his girlfriend.

Just this last week we discovered that she likes to chase the laser light, so this is a great way for her to get a little exercise in the dry comfort of our house.
She's also the sweetest, cuddle buddy. I can't sit down anywhere without her wanting to be right up beside me or lounging across my lap.
She's made serious progress on her people meeting skills, but not much has changed with her attitude toward unfamiliar dogs. She does play with our grand-dog, but it's very brief before she turns snarky. And she does not like to share her toys.
One on one with us in our home she's the best little dog. We've grown to love this sweet thing and it's going to be tough to let her go, but we recognize there's a perfect match out there for this special pup.
With a little extra holiday magic, she'll find her forever family by Christmas."
She's a very good girl and she's in the Pacific NW--FBRN doesn't get many dogs up thataway.  If a brindle girl with a good heart and a wish to be your only pet is on your Christmas list, you should be johnny on the spot after the next website update and fill out your application double quick, that's the excellent advice of

The Frog Princess

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