Friday, December 13

Minkie Meets Some Weather!

Many of our fosters are being introduced to some pretty chilly weather this winter!  Minkie, a foster in Texas, got a case of the zoomies after stepping out into some refreshing and rare white stuff!

Minkie has a hitch in her giddyup as a consequence of spina bifida, but her neurologist says she's in no pain, she doesn't need a cart, and she doesn't need special treatment--he says, "Just let her LIVE!"  So that's what she's doing!

In November, we found that Minkie might have a liver shunt, and we are waiting on results to tell us what to do next, if anything.  Meanwhile, Minkie is preparing for her first Christmas and is definitely on the "NICE" list!

If you'd like to sponsor young Minkie, you can do that by going to our donation page.

Minkie is getting a great start, and it's all thanks to our donors and her wonderful foster mom!

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

You guys are adorable. Good luck Minkie