Saturday, January 4


Mylie is one of our special dogs.  She'll be waiting as long as it takes for the right family to come along.  She is a girl who likes the world to run on her rules, but that makes life hard because it means that her world becomes smaller and smaller as she tries to control who comes into her life.

Mylie's adopters must be experienced with reactive dogs, and they must be willing to be consistent, firm, and committed to helping Mylie adjust her perception of herself as the sun around which the planets spin.  She'll be happier when she doesn't have to take on the role of Empress of All She Surveys, and we are going to wait until someone with the chops to help her learn a lesser role comes along.  We understand.  We ourselves are guilty of a bit of an Empress complex. 

Meanwhile, Mylie is staying warm and cozy in her comfy bed while the Minnesota winter rages fearsomely outside, completely oblivious to Mylie's wishes that there be green grass and warm breezes. 

We agree that it's a cold, cruel world, Mylie, and we believe it would be a better place if only people would subject themselves to the wishes of

The Frog Princess

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