Thursday, May 23

Ginny Came Through Like a Champ!

Ginny, our splay-legged little puppy, underwent double femoral head ostectomy today with a cherry-eye surgery on top!  You can see the cherry eye in her right eye in the photos. 

So far, so good--the vet called to say Ginny had come through with flying colors, and her foster mom will be picking her up in a couple of hours to take her home for a lengthy recuperation period. If you've been following Ginny on the foster page, you know she usually walks with the help of a hobble to keep her splayed legs together so she can walk and run and play.  After the surgery, she should not need the hobble at all, and she should be pain-free.

Here is a video of Ginny walking with her hobbles.  As an energetic young puppy, it will be wonderful to see how she enjoys life without the wobbles! 

Ginny could not have had this surgery without the love and support of our friends and sponsors!  We thank you for always being there for our Frenchies in need. 

Enjoy the holiday weekend!  Hope the weather is sunny and warm where you are!

The Frog Princess

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