"Cheli has been with us for about a month now and has made improvements on most fronts. No worries for all those naughty Frenchie lovers out there, she still has her naughty moments. Her nippiness has toned down I think, due mostly to being familiar with us and our dogs. She is now fully integrated into the house and enjoys playing with Hadley and Odin! It is particularly entertaining when she plays with her fellow deaf friend Hadley--so many grunts and barks for two who have no idea what sounds they are making. Her leash manners have improved greatly, and she only needs a couple reminders that she is supposed to walk next to me and not in front. She does best when walking with Odin: monkey see, monkey do! She still will lunge a bit at some cars that pass by, but she sometimes totally ignores them. Birds, squirrels and suspicious leaves are another story; they obviously must be attacked. She'll need a strong leader to remind her that she does not always get what she wants.

"Her biggest trigger is food. She will snap at Odin or Hadley if they are too close when there is food around, dog or people food. She's never bitten anyone (human or dog) about it. It is easily mitigated
when she is fed in another room and kept away from us when we are eating. She has gotten better about toy guarding and happily chews on bones with the other dogs around as long as they are not actively trying to take it from her. She does not react at all when a person takes it away.

"Her favorite naughty thing to do is to zoom past me when I am trying to coral her back inside when we go out to the back yard. We have a very large fenced in backyard which she loves exploring. When I start to approach her to guide her back inside, she will take off in a full sprint in the opposite direction. Or even better, she'll zoom off toward the patio doors like she is going inside but them whiz right by them. Nanner nanner!!! I spent 10 minutes chasing her around the backyard in the rain two weeks ago. I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but I think she was very pleased with herself!

"My favorite thing she does is when ever P. or I come home, she immediately finds the closest dog toy (bone, stuffed dino, keys) to prance around with in her mouth. It's like she is celebrating we are home!
She'll continue to prance all over the house for 5 minutes, just so happy to see us! Odin does the same thing, but it's much cuter when a 20 lb Frenchie does it (sorry Odin!).

"We are visiting some family this weekend which will be a big test of Miss Cheli. She'll interact with new people, new dog and a 10 year old. We'll take it slow, but it'll be good to see how she'll react in unfamiliar home, but with people she knows.

"Had a mini photo shoot today. I plan on making her an adoption video in the coming weeks for her available page!"