Monday, May 6

Landlocked? Not Locksley!

Handsome and regal Locksley joined his foster family on their holiday to Cape Hatteras recently!

Locksley has the soul of a sailor, and spent much of his time gazing at the bounding waves, sniffing the sea-breeze, and searching for sand-dollars.

Here are some photos and a report of Locksley's vacay from his foster mom:

"Locksley made his first trip to the beach with us and loved it!

"He must have had a window to look out of in his previous life, as he constantly stares longingly at our
casement windows (all he can see is the sky from his angle). Or maybe he's just nebby.

[FP: "Nebby" is a regional term indicating nosiness.  Kind of ironic considering the paucity of nose most Frenchies suffer!]

"Hatteras is super dog-friendly, so he also went on a few adventures to an art gallery and a few stores!

"He LOVED all the windows at our beach house, and was constantly looking out at everything. And he loved the beach; smelling the sand and walking through the waves like he owned the place."

LIKE he owned the place?!  Madame, it's clear Locksley is king of all he surveys! asserts

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

What a lucky little dog. Hope you dug some holes Locksley. Where did you get that cool harness?
Benny & Lily