Thursday, May 9


She may not be a pubescent siren, but she's terribly appealing, nonetheless!  Lolita came to us with a puppy mill background, and if you've read the article on puppy mill survivors, you know that acclimating mill dogs to family life can be a bit of a rocky road.

So far, so good for Lolita, though!  Here's an update from her foster mom:

"I can't say enough great things about little "Lolita!" She has fit right in to our little family.  I had my reservations, since Lolita came from a puppy mill, but she is so happy and mellow. She is very easy going and nothing seems to phase her. She bounces around every time you let her out of the kennel but she always stays within sight of me, and LOVES to cuddle on the couch.
"Lolita gets along fabulously with my Frenchie/boston (Emmitt) and my golden mix (Oscar). Both of my dogs are used to many other dogs and just ignored Lolita for days. However, just the other day, she initiated play with Emmitt. It is so funny to see two Frenchies snort and roll around! They mirror each other constantly and Emmitt loves having someone (almost) his own size to play with!

"Emmitt has also been helpful with potty training. Lolita is crate trained, but between her UTI and just learning about house breaking, we still have our small accidents. Besides the first night, she has not pooped indoors, so that is a big plus!

"I was having trouble getting Lolita to eat. She would eat if hand fed and though she loves any type of people food (She's a little bit of scavenger), she just picked at dog food. I tried 5 different types, all to no avail... until.... I put her food dish next to my two boys and fed her along with them. Apparently that was the trick and all the encouragement she needed. She now eats two full meals a day!

"Lolita will have her abdominal ultrasound check up in a few weeks, but her skin is becoming less itchy and her UTI seems to be getting better. Her grade 2 patellas do not seem to bother her too much. We have gone on walks and she trucks right along.

"Lola got her welcome package... had to post some pictures in her new hat and sweater. She immediately curled up in her blanket and fell asleep"
During Lolita's spay surgery, the surgeon discovered a couple of tumors.  She will be having an ultrasound soon to see if there has been a recurrence.  Please keep a good thought for Lolita!  If you have some influence with the Big Dog upstairs, Lolita could use a bit of intercession, pleads

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Lolita you are a heart throb. Plus you look like me
Benny (& Lily)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck and God Bless Lolita, we are sending love and prayers your way! jhinds

mademoisellealex said...

good luck dear Lolita you are so cute ,
God bless you !!!
Xoxo from Paris, France