Monday, June 3

Mossy Makes Three

Almost a year ago, Mossy (now called Max!) found a place for himself with a forever family.  His foster mom sent an update:

" Mossy (now called Max) was adopted 11 months ago and his new Mom says he's doing wonderful! He loves the baby pool they have in the yard, following his Mom around, and playing with his fur-sisters. She sent me a really cute video of him playing in his baby pool - he paws at the water than tries to bite at it when it splashes! (He used to try to jump in the shower to get to the water!). Life is good!"

How could life be otherwise when you get to sleep nestled up next to a couple of warm and friendly girls?

Snug life.

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my word!! So darn cute
Benny & Lily