Wednesday, September 23

Sofie at Work and at Rest

FBRN grad Sofie is one of those Frenchie girls who always has something to say. She's got an opinion about everything, and she's very willing to share it with you!

She's a mighty bug hunter, and can catch an errant fly in mid-air. She also enjoys smooshing them into the sliding glass doors with her flat face and snuffling them to death. Bugs don't stand a chance when Sofie is around.

We got these photos of Sofie from her mom this week. Seems her mom got worried when she looked around and Sofie wasn't by her side supervising. When mom walked into the family room, she found Sofie had taken advantage of a pile of pillows her dad had used for his nap earlier! Anybody else flashing on Princess and the Pea?

Sofie's not only death on bugs, she doesn't take any guff from the water hose, either! Most Frenchies we know, while not H20 averse, are not willing to go head to head with the vicious snake that spews. Not Sofie. She's always up for a fight.

She's a warrior Frenchie after our own heart, muses

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Sophie! She successfully herded me around a hotel room at the LaQuinta Motor Inn in Portland Oregon when we both took part in the FBRN Difficult Dog Seminar last year. Apparently I'm lucky she didn't smoosh me into the sliding glass door when she had the chance. So good to see her looking so well.

Unknown said...

She is doing well, a cuddler and lover. Loves children, babies, hates cats. Tolerates some dogs.
Certainly has a mind of her own. Wouldn't take anything for her.