Tuesday, September 15

She's a Keeper

When we saw these photos of Keeper, we thought, this is a professional model. Look at the way she turns her head with that insouciant air!

See how she arranges herself to advantage so that she is standing in the lushest, greenest grass to set off her beautiful creamy coat!

See how she gazes into the camera as if to allow a glimpse into her deepest thoughts: Liver...cheese...world peace.

For some dogs, a session with the camera is a difficult thing to endure. For others, it's a chance to demonstrate a god given gift.

And for some poor souls, the paparazzi are simply relentless. As you can imagine, that's how it is for

The Frog Princess

1 comment:

Two French Bulldogs said...

Keeper you are so pretty. Especially your smile
Benny & Lily