Sunday, September 27

Pippin Meets the Kitties

Long time readers of the blog or followers of our website know that Pippin has been our longest foster to date. Her behavior problems were addressed by her foster family to the full extent of their abilities, then she moved in with a trainer, who has continued the job of desensitization and, as Freud might put it, creating a critter with just the ordinary number of neuroses.

Here's her foster mom who sent us some photos of Pippin taken while Pippin was staying with an adoptive family--this family adopted another hard case from us earlier, named Batman. They have done wonders with him, and Pippin got along great in their care. The captions are from Pippin's foster mom:

"While we were on vacation, Pippin had a little break of her own and went to stay with Batman ( Buddha) and his family. I was a little concerned about the three (dog savvy) cats in the house and all the more so when I learned that two tiny kittens had joined the family...... I needn't have worried, Pippin had the time of her life!
She was so good that they said she is welcome back anytime!"

I can't decide if I like it so I'm not going to look at it.

still not looking...

ok, I'll look......and touch it ....just a little bit

ohhhhh.......... soft kitty

oh- it's gone flat, lemme poke it some more.

ut oh now there's another one...not sure what to do

when in doubt, just join in and be part of the pack


Anonymous said...

I'd been wondering lately what was up with Pippin, she's been in the foster register for soooo long...great to see an update! Glad she's doing so well...bless her! May she eventually find a forever home of her own!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sore and have to get the mop, I laughed so hard. Those pics are just priceless even without the story! Fab captions!

Two French Bulldogs said...

You are the cutest thing. Good job keepin an eye on that kitty!
Benny & Lily

debra said...

so funny and precious! congratulation pippin! great job!