Tuesday, September 15

Max O Million Goes to the Fair

Max O Million's path to FBRN was a bit perapatetic, a little meandering, but he has never been in danger, as some of our wandering fosters have been.

Before he was surrendered, Max O Million lived on a farm. He got to run around and enjoy himself. Then he was sold to a family who had him only a week before someone developed allergies to him, and he was surrendered to FBRN. We have discovered that Max O Million is a wonderful little dog, as well as being terrifically photogenic. His move from farm to home to foster family appears to have put him out not at all.

We love to hear about our foster dogs' adventures in the wide world. A little while ago, Max O Million got to attend a Renaissance Festival, and here is what his foster mom had to say about how Max O Million worked the crowd:

"Well, Max had a big outing yesterday! He attended the Renaissance Festival in the ...area and he was a HIT! My 15 year old son said he is a "great chick magnet"! He likes the young girls so am thinking he must have had one in his past life...Max would just walk up to people, wait to see if they would pet him, and then move on. He was also very interested in all the other dogs he saw, he did ignore the very large turtle walking around, and he gave the elephant a funny look! He had a great time but was tuckered out when we left! Someone is going to be very lucky to get him!"

We feel certain that negotiating our way through hoards of costumed folk, accepting numerous and well-earned tributes and praises, regarding the odd physiques of Renaissance elephants and subtly observing the antics of enormous turtles would wear us out as well. We can only hope that at some point a refreshing glass of mead was enjoyed by the adults while the children practiced drowning evil doers in butts of Malmsey, or whatever amusements young people of the time once found to wile away the hours.

We will resist our feminist impulse to lecture the young man on the use of the phrase "chick magnet" as we suspect it would fall, as so many useful lectures do, on deaf ears. We will, however, agree that though he is likely to exert some pull on young women, Max O Million is also appealing --nigh irresistible, even--to a woman of advancing years, such as

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Hi Max
Sounds like you are having a great time in foster care. Don't you love being a "chick magnet." When they least expect it, I jump up and lick their face. You are very handsome.
Benny (& Lily)

Kelz World said...

your smile would make any festival a fun one! enjoy your life sweet boy!

Anonymous said...

If I wouldn't already have two little Frenchie boys... He is adorable.

secondmom said...

I love this lil guy!!! I applied to adopt him yesterday and am hoping with all my might I get the chance! You handsome lil clown!!!