Saturday, September 26


A new foster girl is in town and she's got the bouncy kind of bottom! Here's what her foster mom says:

"Eowyn (pronounced Ay-oh-wen) is 4 years old and in good health: very energetic and athletic. She can easily jump over 5 feet in the air. If you pat your shoulder, she will jump up and try to land on it. She is a fearless climber. The good news is she loves people! She likes her belly and ears rubbed. She has very expressive eyes. She does a hysterically funny "itchy spot on my back" routine on the rug. She loves to look out the window and tell off the squirrels. She's not afraid to tell anyone what she thinks. She needs to be spayed before she goes available."

Five feet in the air? That dog must have some kangaroo in her! surmises

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl! Hopefully, she'll put on a little weight & maybe then she won't jump quite so high!?

libgyrl said...

Eowyn, hope you get a lovely elvish treat from my small donation. You are a beautiful girl!