Monday, August 31

Bugsy Siegel

The Bugsy Siegel of mob legend may not have spent much time in Florida, though his partner and pal Meyer Lansky certainly did. Still, we expect if Bugsy had visited Eff Ell Ay, he'd have spent his days much as his namesake does--lounging by the pool, passing time with pretty girls and soaking up some sunshine. Here's a note from Bugsy's foster mom on Bugsy's progress from skinny little street urchin to healthy, husky frogdog:

"Bugsy Siegel went back to visit all his old friends at the vet today. He was a very popular guy with everyone he met. The staff was so thrilled to see him looking so well. Since his last visit he has put on 2.6 lbs and now weighs 27.7 lbs! He is
still thin, but we're definitely making progress. I have been putting in some ointment for his dry eye and it has stimulated his tear production in both eyes and they were very, very pleased with how his eyes were looking. Because he was so emaciated when he first arrived, had such an awful infection and was so anemic from all his bloody diarrhea they want him to stay on the ZD and ID dog food for another couple of weeks. His housebreaking is going well thanks to my dogs and the doggy door. Each day more of his personality emerges and he shows more interest in the nylabones and playing with my dogs. He loves the car and is an excellent passenger and walks like a dream on a leash. He is a velcro dog unlike any I have ever known. He is always under foot and sleeps so close to me at night in bed that I feel as if I'm getting hot flashes!

He has come a very long way in only 3 weeks and will be a great dog for someone."

He's definitely got an air of mystery and he shares Bugsy Siegel's good looks as well as his name. We think it's even money that Bugsy will be on the available page shortly, wagers

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Now thats what I'm talkin bout! Spending time by the pool with the ladies.
Benny (& Lily)

Anonymous said...

Poor Bugsy -- still so thin! (Of course, I make comparison to Frodo, my little tank, which may not be completely fair...) Kudos to the wonderful foster mom, who will continue to put meat on those handsome bones, until Bugsy's forever mom (or dad) takes over to make him the little tank he was meant to be!!!

Anonymous said...

good news about bugsy! he looks great. i envy him being able to lounge by your lovely pool in the florida sunshine.

debra/pim said...

that's a frogdog if I've ever seen one!

Anonymous said...

They look like they are enjoying those rays (never left unattended of course!Frogs sink like stones!)

Lucy said...

We will watch for him - he is looking great !!