Saturday, January 17

Brewster's Ready for the Big Time

This handsome lug is going to be ready for the available pages next week. Isn't he goodlooking with that gorgeous coloring and studly build?

His foster mom says he's had the deluxe works in the past month: "Brewster has made such great progress in just one month.
His staph infection is gone. He's been neutered, had his cherry-eye fixed and micro-chip inserted."

That's big doings for one boy! Know what? We couldn't have done any of it without our supporters' help.

With many thanks from a soon-to-be placed Brewster and

The Frog Princess

EDIT: Sorry to be absent so long. The Frog P has been laid low by the bacterial equivalent of the Mountain Pine Beetle. Lo! how the mighty are fallen. Looks like the only cure is to set ourselves on fire.
We'll get back to you on how that works out.


Anonymous said...

He really is looking good! Much better than in his foster page photos. The coloring around his eyes makes it look like he's into the heavy black eyeliner. As Brewster proves, it's a look some guys wear very well.

Anonymous said...

Brewster's on a roll!

Anonymous said...

What a handsome hunk!

Anonymous said...

I had the privilege of meeting Brewster this week. He is as cute as he looks in the pics! ;)

Anonymous said...

HEY! Hey Frog Princess! Cat got your tongue? Dog ate your pen? HEY!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful recovery! He's a charmer and sweet to boot.

Anonymous said... I'm really worried FP. Where are you? Have I missed some update? Please let me/us know how you are.