Tuesday, January 6

The Frog Princess Begs a Boon

Toulouse Caboose says, "Please, Sir! I want some more!"

Toulouse Caboose is pretty healthy--just thin.

Kind gentlemen and good ladies, the Frog Princess begs a boon of you.

Sugar Bear has an excellent prognosis, but she needs surgery to repair a liver shunt.

We are in the running for an award from a website that will mean a very nice donation of $500 dollars for the top 20 finishers or $10,000 for the first place finishers. The contest runs for 9 weeks. This is the 6th week of voting.

Icarus is recovering from foreign body surgery to remove part of a toy.

FBRN is at number 19, and we would like to ask you to participate in this competition.

This is the site: http://www.care2.com/animalsheltercontest/75250

If you uncheck the box, you will receive only one notice that your vote counted. You can vote anonymously if you like.

Brandie has a raging staph infection and terrible allergies.

Please, if you haven't voted, vote.

Becky's terribly injured eye must be removed.

If you have already voted, thank you so much!

If you have already voted, would you consider forwarding this request to a friend or ten?

This is Jazzy. She has a dreadful skin condition.

You can only vote once from each IP address.

She is getting medicated baths and feels better already, but ow!

We've included some photos of recent intakes from the last month who could really use this award funding, in a blatant effort to tug at your heartstrings and enlist your help.

Astrid has demodex, but with her new sweatshirt on, she feels warm and pretty!

We hope it works! exclaims a shameless

Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Your Royal Highness,

After reading your post, I immediately went and voted. My note on the site expresses my love for FBRN. FBRN is out every day doing the work of angels, ministering to the sick and taking care of the poor. That they happen to be dogs adds a special poignancy for me.

I bless the day I came across FBRN. Its good works restores my spirit and helps sustain me.

Anonymous said...

I have voted and half the cook county sheriffs in Illinois will be voting for FBRN too Keep up the excellent work

Anonymous said...

I voted and it only took a minute! Thanks FP, and I hope FBRN wins the money it needs to continue helping Frenchies in need!!