Monday, January 12


We received these wonderful photos of foster Miho and members of her foster family along with this note:

"People often ask me why I foster when I have such a young son and I always tell them that fostering is the perfect way for him to appreciate life and it is something we can spend time doing together. When he grows up, I would hope that he would treat every animal he comes into contact with with love and compassion.

It's nearly impossible to resist sweet little Miho (small brindle (black mostly) in the top left of this picture). She's so snuggly and warm.
She'll be spayed soon and hopefully off to a long life with a loving family but for now I am enjoying this tiny bit of heaven.

I hope you all enjoy, too."

We wouldn't want this to get out, but the Frog Princess has a bit of a soft spot for freshly washed, pajama'd younger men. Listen! If huggin' them is wrong, we don't want to be right! declares

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh F.P.! That made me laugh, and get a little teary, I swear. That young man and his Miho. It's too much, I tell you, too much!!

Anonymous said...

Would you looky that? They are all the same size! All four. (There were four in the bed and the little one said "roll over! Roll over!)

Sarah said...

Miho can be my little amigo any day! So adorable!

Anonymous said...

Did I hear just a little bit of sweet snoring in this picture? Ahhhh.

Anonymous said...

Bless Miho's foster mom--for providing such a good home for her, and for teaching her son compassion. And warm hugs to her son for helping the needy Frenchies!

Thanks FP for bringing us this story! (*happy sniffles*)

Anonymous said...

The sweetest pic ever!

Anonymous said...

They're all very kissable and I wouldn't know where to start.