Tuesday, March 25

Tuffy and Wilbur

FBRN grads Tuffy ('06) and Wilbur (formerly Monty of the PA8,'07) are busily appropriating the furniture and otherwise making themselves comfortable in the middle of the country, Missouri. Here's an update on them:
"These are a bit blurry, but I just had to send them. Sometime over the weekend, we noticed that they started to pile on top of each other for their naps in my chair (I will never get to sit in that chair again, it appears). Wilbur is apparently willing to stay in what looks like a very uncomfortable upright sleeping position for hours at a time, and Tuffy seems perfectly fine with supporting that bowling ball of a head of his...

"Also, in other breaking news, Wilbur is showing potential of becoming a model citizen some day. At least 3 times now, he has gone to the back door and waited for us to let him out. Of course, he hasn't learned to bark or whine at it yet, so we have to pretty much follow him whenever we see him go into the kitchen, but it's definite progress!"

Housebreaking is a slow process for some puppymill survivors, but as families and frogs get to know each other and learn to watch for signs and portents, even the slowest Frenchie can be persuaded to use the proper patch for piddling, proclaims

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Even sophisticated and urbane frenchies have their roots in the actual animal kingdom. What Wilber and Tuffy are demonstrating in the photo is not a new dance craze or yoga pose. It's nothing as sinister as all that. What we have here is a classic late winter/early spring puppy pile. All the kids are doing it.

So says
Joey (even I can see that) One Eye

Anonymous said...

Sleeping upright must run in the family. I believe we have one of Monty's litter babies from the PA8. We have Lola (formerly Bumble) and we always thought it odd that she sometimes sleeps in an upright position too! she too has learned to go to the backdoor to go potty but also does not whine or bark. so we have to watch her like a hawk as well!

Guess the apple really doesnt fall too far from the tree :)

Anonymous said...

It appears as though the apple does not fall too far from the tree. We have Lola (formerly Bumble) from the PA8 and i believe Wilbur had sired her. We have been perplexed as to her upright sleep habits as well. some nights she is perfectly content sleeping in a practically upright position :) She has also learned to go to the backdoor in order to go out but does now whine or bark either. so we watch her like a hawk....which i think she likes :)