Wednesday, March 26

Time Out for Toys!

Taser, our adorable abandoned puppy from Florida, had to undergo eye surgery after he was found and turned in to animal control. He'd been hit by a car, and though we tried hard to save the eye, it ruptured one night and had to be removed. Now that he has healed and he's up on his feet and his days inside the horrible Elizabethan collar are over, he has decided that it is time to play. It is always time to play. There are no times when play is not to be. His partner in crime is always up for a game of tug of war or my toy is better than yours or chasemechasemechaseme! through the house.

Yes, the boy is always up for a good wrasslin' match, or a stuffy destuffying, or a bit of mischief of one kind or another. Even in his sleep, he dreams of toys, of games, of chasing lizards on the beach and chasing children in the yard. He's a busy boy.

Lizards? What kinds of lizards? wonders
The Frog Princess

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