Monday, March 17

Smeagie O'Smeagol Wishes YOU a Happy St. Patrick's Day

Please be smart and leave the frogmobile at home if you are going to be lifting a few green beers at your local publican's establishment or alehouse. Your Frenchie wants you in one piece tomorrow morning when breakfast time rolls around.
Porridge is wondering who said the word, "Breakfast"?

Éirinn go Brách! shouts
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Frog Princess! My day ain't the same without yer "Frenchie gossip column"!

Your kingdom reigns!

Hear Hear! Says one loyal subject.

Anonymous said...

That Porridge is one handsome dude along with the Smeags.

Keep up the good work FBRN!

Another loyal subject.

Deanna said...

Hahahaha! Nice hat!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Sweet Smeags and the Porrige chaser!!

We've missed the FP . . .