Friday, March 21

Doxie's TV Spot!

Our gorgeous girl, Doxie, represented FBRN beautifully in a Toronto television program last week. Here she is in the green room, ready for her moment in the spotlight: Here's what her foster dad had to say about Doxie's 15 minutes of fame:
"Well, Doxie threw on the charm for her portion of the show and was showering me and the emcee of the show with kisses and looking absolutely stunning. Everyone who met her loved her. Everyone who met her loved her.

They kept FBRN's URL up for most of our segment and we even got to plug the Easter basket raffle. We also let them know that there were a lot of other dogs besides Doxie available on the site. Hopefully it will bring some applications for Doxie and others!"

And here she is during her segment. Get a load of the expression on her face. She's wondering when the cameraman is going to push in! She is ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille!
Doxie is a fabulous deaf girl, and we recently received some wonderful pics of her in a new wardrobe of outer wear! We'll post those photos soon.

Meanwhile, if you are a Frenchie savvy or deaf dog savvy person looking for a marvelous companion who will make friends and influence people whereever she goes, check out Doxie's available page.

We love her freckly spots! coos
The Frog Princess

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TouchNPaws said...

Way to go Doxie! I'm sure a beauty such as yourself has a very special home in store. Let's hope you new found fame leads them to you.

PS. LOVE your polka dot ears!