Monday, January 13



Nine-year-old Nikolas is good for what ails you.  He'll keep you company and give you something to do when you are at a loose end.

He's very willing to encourage you in meeting your fitness goals.

He'll happily go with you to exhibits when no one else has the time or inclination.  He is interested in sculpture and the arts. 

And if you have to get some work done or fix dinner, he can occupy himself with harmless diversions.  Unlike a puppy, Nikolas doesn't have to be supervised or kept out of trouble.

He's a great dog for first-time Frenchie owners who'd like to get acquainted with the breed! 

If you'd like to get to know him a little better, stop by Nikolas's page at the FBRN website.  He's a great dog who got a lousy deal.  We're trying to find him a happily ever after. 

His home is out there somewhere.  We never fail! boasts

The Frog Princess


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Mandy said...

How did you know I sing that same "tune" when I see his name!

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Anonymous said...

:) Sweet boy!