Tuesday, January 14

Cancer? Fuhgeddabowdit. Gimme a Donut.

Magnolia, our irrepressible and (don't tell the others) favorite FBRN foster has some good news to share.  At her 3 month visit with Dr. Wen, she was found to have no signs or symptoms of cancer.  Period.  The end.

That's right.  Magnolia's hospice status may well be up for review!  She has another visit scheduled in six months, but she's not worried.

At the doctor we found out that she's gained a wee bit of weight during the winter.  As who hasn't?  What with the holidays and the Polar Eclipse or whatever it's called, Magnolia and 90% of the American public might have a reason.

But Magnolia has an additional reason.  Donuts.

Mags had a morning routine in place for a long time.  Get up.  Go out.  Get in the car and keep foster mom company on a ride to the northeast's favorite fried food emporium, Dunkin Donuts.  Recently, the owner of her local Dunkin Donuts banned Magnolia from the premises!

What the hey?!  Banned?  Our Mags?  Shocking.

Never again to taste the delicious proprietary blend of flour, fat, and sugar that puts weight on a girl, and, apparently, cures cancer?  Never again to meet and greet the locals and enjoy the attention and affectionate ribbing of the hoi polloi?

This state of affairs could not stand.  And when the guys at the Dunkin Donuts, a group of veterans who meet there for breakfast and raillery every morning, heard that Magnolia had been made Frenchie non grata, they did what vets do.  They stood up for what's right.  They approached the store owner and argued that with her background and her prior tough life, she was suffering from the canine equivalent of combat-related PTSD, and they wanted her privileges reinstated.  Well, what was a donut-maker to do?

Mags is back in her morning groove.  And now when she visits, she gets a free munchkin donut hole.

On account of because munchkins fight cancer.  And because her friends made a fuss.

That extra pound Dr. Wen discovered?  That's just a little side-effect of the successful, if unconventional, treatment.

That's our story, and it's the one being stuck to by Mags and

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Mags I am so thrilled. You made my day
Love you

Mom O Dex said...

Oh Mags! I am so happy :)

Mom O Dex said...

Oh Mags! I am so happy for you. :)

Letitia said...

Best Magz blog post ever!

Unknown said...

Hahaha! Best reason to eat donuts. Not that Obi or Trudee-Bug ever had to have a reason, but now we do. Congrats, Magz, on your new diagnosis!

Unknown said...

congrats, Magz, on your new diagnosis! I knew donuts were good for you. I am sticking with that story too!

Unknown said...

I am in love with her and her story. What a special frogpig

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the part of the vets (why had she been banned in the first place? Frenchies automatically raise the tone of any place they visit). And congratulations on beating cancer!

ElaineBjd Fab5 said...

Yay yay my darling Mrs M ♥
Such and amazing news luv you sweet darlig and so glad you can go have the yummy donuts .....Best news in a long time ..Big Kiss darling
Love from Sweden
Elaine and the 5 Frenchies

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Wilder said...

This made me so happy to read. I go through your Hospice and foster dogs periodically and just read Magnolia's update. SO thrilled for this little lady! Could not have gotten better news today :) All the best wishes for a happy life for you, special one, from here on out!

Rachel DeMaio said...

When I first read Mags story in the Hospice section I literally cried.

I am so relieve to read his update!

Mags is absolutely beautiful and I commend her foster mom on being so strong and giving Mags a friend even when she thought it was only temporary. The world needs more souls like yours.

Mag's has beaten the odds! KEEP ON KICKING GIRL!