Monday, September 26

Have You Never Been Mellow?

Sorry about any inadvertent earworming the title of this post may have caused.  DeeDee, one of our favorite, most sparkling personalities, gets plenty of time to mellow out with her Bullmastiff foster sib Juliet and her lab sib Isaac.

In these photos, DeeDee sought out the company of these sleeping dogs to lie down with them.  Knowing their foster mom, she did *not* get up with fleas, no matter what the proverbial wisdom might claim.  DeeDee spent the last month or so recovering from palate surgery and she is doing just fine.  Here's a note we got about her recently:

"DeeDee continues to be her sweet, adorable self. In the weeks following her surgery she has become more playful, and frequently engages my husband and sons in her favorite game. It involves nibbling gently on their fingers, rolling on her back, waving her paws in the air, darting off, and then charging in for a repeat performance. She also enjoys playing a combination tug and fetch game. Her stuffies now cringe when they see her coming.

She seems to get a little saliva in her airway after assaulting her stuffies or chewing on a bone, but is able to clear it after a minute or so by coughing."

These retired breeders really pull out all the plugs in terms of charm and joie de vivre when they get to be part of a family.  From livestock to life of the party, that's what we say!  OK, we don't say that, we just made that up, but still, it's a pretty fair assessment of the shift in attitude many of our older girls experience once they are released from the workaday life of having and feeding puppies. 

And at the end of the day, once the performance has ended, there's nothing wrong with a little c*tnapping in and amongst the bullmastiffs. 

Mellow is as mellow does, sighs

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

such beautiful little girl
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Very cute. And let me take advantage of this opportunity to say how sad I was to learn that dear Smeagol has a brain tumor. It is a relief to know that he has been living large for the last six years. Any chance of a gratuitous Smeags photo?