Thursday, October 6

All around the world

it's all about a boy and his dog.  His frog dog.

This photo was taken on a train by one of our supporters when she was vacationing in Japan in August.  We don't know what it is advertising, but we think the ad designers picked a pretty effective model.

Pardon the bit of glare. 

Anyone read Japanese? asks

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Hey thats me, BOL
Benny & Lily

snoozlebugg said...

My best friend, who has a BA in linguistics with a concentration in Japanese, told me that it says this:
"I met with this dog,
and my life changed.
I've learned what it's like
To make more friends,
To begin to start taking qualification studies,
I think I like being an undergraduate (not sure which dept)
Dogs like everyone else have a personality, and I want to continue studying them.
For people and dogs' happiness in the future
Even with you, how about it?"

ChiChi said...

I think this is an ad for the school for dog trainers or something. It says something like this..."Meeting dogs has changed my life. Wanting to know them better, I took classes and became a certified dog trainer. It is worth learning what you truly love. Each dog has different character so I am still learning. Do you want to join us for the happy future for humans and dogs?" This guy was in this TV show that showed video clips of pets with funny character or some story to tell. (Don't they all??) In this show, he travelled all over Japan with his buddy Rabrador "Masao" and introduced those poeple and animals they met during their many road trips. Eventually, Masao got sick and crossed the rainbow bridge and his son "Daisuke" took his dad's place to keep on travelling with this guy. In the interview I saw he was saying that having a chance to know Masao changed his life and made him wanting to be involved more with dogs to honor Masao's life and memories they share...