Wednesday, September 14


Kobee has been in foster care almost a year.  He is well-loved by his foster family, but they would like to continue to open their arms to other needy fosters, so they are looking for a forever family that will love Kobee as much as they do.  Here's a note from Kobee's foster mom:

"Kobee is definitely a blessing.  This little guy came to us after being abandoned and not well cared for, but you'd never know anyone was ever mean to him, because from the first minute my daughters and I picked him up he showed us that all he wanted was a family to love him.  
"He shows his love in so many ways.  First when he sees you in the morning or when you come home from being out, he marches, yes marches, excitedly and happily to your feet for you to give him a hug and belly rub.  If it wasn't for his diligent patrolling of the back yard throughout the day in evening, who knows how many squirrels, crows, and frogs would have taken over and run us out of our own house. We thank him for that!

Kobee is a friend to all.  Not only does he love me, my husband, and our children but he has a Great Dane brother, Great Dane sister, Pitbull brother, American Bulldog sister, his cat, and his bird, and any other foster that comes to stay.

"Kobee came to us a young sprightly little guy full of life and love to give.  Kobee also came with a special need; he is totally incontinent.  He is on meds that he takes easily when stuffed in a piece of cheese to keep him "regular." Kobee wears a diaper with a very stylish diaper cover on to help keep it in place since he has no tail to help.  He knows his routine and stands proudly while getting dressed, he even lifts each leg to put in the hole!
If he's outside sunning or monitoring the backyard, he runs free of his diaper.  Incontinence is simply managed and doesn't take away one ounce of Kobee's big heart.  Though this condition may seem like it could be a lot to take on or hard work, it isn't in the least. 

"This little guy just wants love, plain and simple."
Well, that makes him 100% normal and just like any other Frenchie in the love department, in the expert assessment of
The Frog Princess 

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Two French Bulldogs said...

all our paws are crossed that Kobee finds his forever home soon
Benny & Lily