Friday, September 16

De Soja Delights!

DeSoja is doing really well in her foster home.  Though she was unable to undergo spay surgery because she went into her heat cycle, she is continuing to learn about life in a family atmosphere.  Here is an update from her foster mom:

"Throughout the month we had many visitors in our midst and some extended time with family and friends at the beach house. DeSoja was definitely a little rattled by the necessary adjustments and revolving door of new faces. She is still a very tense and anxious little girl and I do my best to show her the patience, love and trust she so desperately needs. I notice she has come to seek out assurance and comfort with Onyx and Belle before anything else and that is a wonder and a joy to watch her interact more with them. They are both very accepting of her to the pack and seem to instinctively know she needs support.

They are very good therapists. She plays with them in a rather awkward way, and initiates their interaction occasionally. Onyx is such a pleaser; I think he knows it is a good thing and I praise him alot for giving little Soja the boost she needs. Belle just really likes to be in the middle of everything. George only seems to notice if she leaves a little kibble in her bowl and then he is right on it. Soja is pretty persistent about letting him know it is still hers, though, but not in a snarky way. She just pushes herself between him and the food dish.

She has come a long way in nearly two months, but I do worry about her “worries”. I so want her to be a happy and secure little frog. But maybe she is feeling a little more confidence in her life here because she actually showed some insistent barking and a rather uncompromising stance to a neighbor’s dog who visited the beach house last weekend. I had to put her behind a gate with Onyx and Belle to calm her down. I’m going to try to get her out away from home, just with me, now and then, to build her confidence and to see how she does especially when we encounter other dogs.

Her physical health is improving and after consult with the vet this week, we have agreed she is ready to be spayed. The surgery is scheduled for next Friday, 9.9.11 and my nerves are already on edge about it. I am a little concerned she could come into heat any time before then, though. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. My vet offered to pick her up on Thursday and take her into the clinic so I wouldn’t have to drive her in on Friday, but I declined. I know she lived in a cage so much of her puppy mill life that I want to avoid having to crate her if at all possible.

She is a delicate little soul, so timid and afraid of anything new to her. She still doesn’t want eye contact and doesn’t like to be held, but will stand for it a little bit more if I insist. She isn’t very treat driven so it makes reinforcement that it is good to be loved in that way a little difficult.

I am thrilled each time she comes to me for a little lickie on my hand. Sometimes when I am in the kitchen she tentatively comes up and steals a little lick on my leg, too.

I am beginning to think about what the future looks like for Soja…but one day at a time for this fragile mill girl."

One day at a time, one cookie at a time, one walk along the sandy shore at a time.  De Soja will be nestled in her adoptive family's arms before you know it, wagers

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

What a babe. Glad to hear she is in a loving foster home
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

De Soja is so lucky to have landed with FBRN! Thank you to her foster home for showing her such love and patience. Her foster mom's model of quiet compassion is something we can all hope to strive for. I'm looking forward to reading De Soja's updates!