Sunday, August 14

Too Hot for Walks--But Not for Ice Cream!

Kees and his foster buddy are finding the dog days of summer too darned hot--sweltering, even!--for sidewalk strolling.  So when Mom and Dad ask if anybody is up for a trip to the ice cream parlor, guess who is bounding out to the horseless chariot to get a licky-lick of frozen custard?

Here's a note from Kees's foster mom, who took these photos on a recent outing:

"Kees' health has been quite stable for the last few weeks...knock on wood. He did have an allergy outbreak requiring 2 rounds of antibiotics, we are trying everything to keep his sores healing (no steroids for this guy).
We were out for our weekly trip to run errands and the DQ, it has been too hot for any walks so this is the kids' extracurricular activity....and a few licks of a vanilla cone. Kees has his spot on the console, on the job watching for my husband to come out of the store."

Our regular readers know that Frenchies cannot be outside in high temperature weather,  and none of our readers would dream of leaving a Frenchie in a car on a hot day, but it never hurts to remind folks that even 5 minutes is too long.  Better to leave your frog at home in the air-conditioning than risk an unwanted adventure like this one, advises

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh we love that ice scream. Momma called the authorities twice already for doggys left in a car. You guys are adorable
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

We had an experience like this, only it happened AT HOME! Sisi, 6-year-old Frenchie extraordinaire, had been playing in the back yard, wrestling with one of the other dogs. It was about 6 months ago - barely spring - not hot, maybe 80 degrees - and she was lying on the cool dining room tile afterward, when I noticed her labored breathing. I went over and touched her, and she was burning hot to my touch. I grabbed her up, ran into the bathroom and started running cool water over her in the tub. Fortunately, she started coming back, fairly quickly. Just sayin' - be alert all the time, cuz it can happen even at home!

Anonymous said...

Ice cream, frozen custard, sorbet, gelato -- it's all good stuff! Our local frozen custard joint offers free vanilla cones to canine customers who bring humans.