Wednesday, August 24

Benny the Frog's Ninth Natal Anniversary

Infamous tomato thief and 19th hole lounge lizard Benny the Frog made time in his busy schedule to allow his mom to prepare a home-grown celebration in his honor.

Benny is a 2003 FBRN graduate.

In his working life, he often serves as an adjunct to his mom's duties as a Humane Educator for an east coast animal control office.  He gets to accompany his mom to schools and other locations to teach children about the responsibilities of sharing one's life with a rotten, no-good, tomato-stealing, golf cart-riding frogdog.

His mom tells us that sometimes, when Benny the Frog is feeling ornery, he will refuse to charm the children, and instead turns his back on them and fantasizes about living on a desert island with his beloved Fiona, maybe paddling lazily through a lagoon full of cherry tomatoes, each more delicious than the last.

Happy birthday, Benny the Frog!  We love you and your glorious rottenness.

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Hey handsome I'm Benny too. You sure have a cool job. Have a happee Happee birthday
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

git you a ripe one and don't get a hard one. (John Prine. Homegrown Tomato) Happy birthday Benny from Joey One Eye

Mia said...

Happy Birthday dear Benny!!!!! We hope you get all the tomatoes you can eat!!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Benny! (In memory of Lola the zucchini-stealing Labrador)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Benny! May all your tomatoes be ripe and juicy, just like the beeyoutiful Fiona!!