Thursday, August 11

Everybody's Getting in the Act!

Our chip-in fundraiser is going much more slowly than we could wish.  However, we are so impressed with our volunteers' willingness to go above and beyond to raise funds for us!  Here, FBRN grads Ava and Manny snoopervise their people's lemonade stand fundraiser. 

Have you posted our chip-in widget to your blog or facebook page?  Please consider asking your friends to help support our efforts to get back to rescuing Frenchies!

We're not yet halfway to our goal, but we have only 9 days remaining. 

Thank you for helping promote this fundraiser!  Stay cool and hydrated with some refreshing lemonade, advises

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Great idea kids! We are trying everything to get some coins
Benny & Lily

fbrn web crew said...

There isn't a more attractive family on the planet! Ava and Manny hit the jackpot! Go fundraising, kids!