Tuesday, August 30

Dilly, dilly

Lavender came to us all smelly and balding thanks to a nasty bacterial skin infection and legions and hordes of yeasty beasties all attacking her poor hair follicles.  She's feeling a little better, though she's not yet out of the woods, not out of the dark, not out of the night.

Here's a recent report we received from her ever-lovin' foster ma:

"Oh the Lavender! Well, unfortunately her skin is not continuing to improve as we had hoped.

When they first brought Lavender home, she was so odoriferous they nicknamed her Stinky.  That's a pretty good stink-eye she's throwing around there, don't you agree?  We feel sure we'd have perfected our own stink-eye if someone had applied so rude an appellation to our own personage.  Stinky, indeed!

Her yeast will just not learn to take a hike. With baths, meds and lots of lovin' she can't clear up enough for her spay. We are on a food trial, and it's a bit tricky to get her to eat that hypoallergenic food; today was the first day of 4 that she was okay eating without looking at me funny. She continues to itch on the white side of her face and three of her feet.

I had to pick up the throw rugs around the house because she thought they made useful belly rubbin' rugs. She had a MRSA culture done, but we haven't heard any results back yet. We're hopeful the derm vet can be avoided.

"Despite the itchies, her social skills have been wonderful. She came in from the shelter thinking she was going to be the alpha girl, and she is now a playful and social little girl. She shares her toys (loves her stuffies), shares nyla bones, plays without becoming rough and growly, and she is no longer rude when another dog approaches me.   Being protective was to much work with so many dogs in the house, I suppose.

"Her potty manners have improved and she's using the dog door; however occasional reminders are needed when exiting her crate and after naps. If the weather is inclement, forget it! She will sit outside the dog door and wait for you to walk away and sneak back inside instead of running out, doing her business, and coming back inside. Jeez!"

We are completely in synch with young Lavender's feelings about having to piddle whilst raindrops beat down into our vulnerable ear canals.  How would YOU like that?  The least you bipeds could do is offer the shelter of an umbrella for the few little minutes it takes a froglette to heed nature's call.  They are YOUR floors, after all, and you are the one who wants them kept so dry and clean, chides

The Frog Princess 


Two French Bulldogs said...

She is beautiful. We are glad she found FBRN
Benny & Lily

Mia said...

Poor Lavender!! We hope you can get her yeasties under control!!



peppy mcgee said...

Ahhh, she looks like such a happy, sweet girl! Our frenchie hated going in the rain too ;)