Wednesday, August 26

Ask Frog Princess: Do You Ever Set Up Meet and Greets before Adoption?

Sherlock watches tv with FBRN grad, Reggie
Here's another question from the Frog Princess' mailbag:

"Does FBRN ever set up meet and greets between potential adopters' pets and the future adoptee before the adoption proceeds? If there are several applications, might be a way to further screen."

Hello! Yes, the foster parent can choose to take the foster dog to a home visit if the applicant is within reasonable distance. If the foster dog has any tendencies to be reactive to new situations or other dogs, it's a very good idea to introduce the potential housemates to each other on neutral ground--a park, perhaps--and then walk the dogs back to the applicant's home.

New kid Max-o-million grinning ear to ear!

In many cases, the applicant is applying from a distant region, and in those cases our home visits are conducted by volunteers in the area. The volunteer may bring a dog along with her to the home visit and see how the resident canine takes to a newcomer.

Thank you for the question!

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom said we want two more frenchies because she loves us to death. I said no. We would have to share our baby stuffies. Foster parents are GREAT!
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

just get more stuffies, benny and lily! then you can have as many frenchies as your mom wants!