Wednesday, August 26

Mabel Cleans Up

What are you having, kid?

Mabel, formerly known as Bristol, is enjoying her summer with her new mom's young relations. We received a note from Mabel's mom Melanie:

"The boy'll have a root beer. Make mine a Shirley Temple."

"Thought I would share some pics from this past weekend--she took a bath with my nephew! She is doing much better on potty training--still have to watch her when we
get back from the dog park--she drinks so much water and it takes hours for her to let it all back out! She absolutely loves kids! she would rather have play dates with
kids than other dogs! She still misses [foster sibling] Vinnie! I hear there are two other Frenchies that go to our dog park--but we haven't met them --Hope you are doing well--Melanie and Mabel"

"OK. He's cut off."

It's very hard to know when to say when when the fun is going strong. We are advocates of moderation in root beer consumption. Unless there is a scoop of ice cream involved. Where root beer floats are concerned, moderation goes out the window, confesses

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Make mine a double, Mabel!

Meemzy said...

Mabel actually looked at herself this morning when i had this up--she is thrilled to be a cover girl !!!!

Anonymous said...

Search for a French Bulldog Meetup Group in your area. Lovey & I are headed to a meetup this afternoon. She loves them! I think she says "Finally, dogs who understand how I want to play!" LOL Mabel looks marvelous!


Trudy said...

Great shots, Melanie! Love the photo shoot :)