Thursday, February 21


Shorty came to us a week or two ago with a surprise.  His size.

We've seen some big lugs in FBRN before.  35 pounders, 38 pounders...Big dogs, big hearts, good boys.

Shorty is in a class of just 2 or 3 dogs in our history.  He came in at about 50 pounds.

He's lost a couple of pounds since he first stopped in, and it's not like he's out of shape or dragging his tummy on the ground.  He's a big guy.  Barrel-chested, like Brian Keith.

Here's an update on Shorty from his foster mom.

"So we took the monster to the vet Sunday and as I suspected all is right with this boy, but of course there were whispers about his weight. Heehee. He's 48 pounds and I believe has lost a pound or two. His harness slips off, but he still appears to be a big boy. We run up and down the stairs for all his potty breaks, we've decreased his food intake and he gets few little cookies. He had an ear infection that had recently been cleared right before he came to FBRN so the doctor did an ear cytology. There is evidence that the ear fungus is probably something that was an ongoing issue but it looks good now. He suggested we clean his ears weekly as a preventive. Other than that he is A-OK!

"So this guy is great, a total snuggle bug and all around gentleman. But he's no loafer-- he'll play for as long as anyone in the house will, and when it's time for a walk, he bolts down the hallway! Honestly, his owner raised a really well-behaved man. He listens really well, and when it's time for him to go in to his little area for bed he goes in with no problem and doesn't make a peep for the rest of the night. And believe it or not, as heavy as he is, and as winded as he gets when he's excited, there is no snoring at all! He eats really well too, but doesn't beg.

"Shorty is your classic case of don't judge a book by its cover. He may look like a chubby loafer, but he's active and not that into food which was a big surprise. Sometimes I give him the tiniest treat for sitting and sometimes he eats and other times he spits it out. He drinks a lot of water and because of that he's had a couple accidents. But if I stick to the routine there is never an issue.

"He tolerates a lot too, my old man Boston is always humping him, and he just hangs out and smiles. He's really good with my pups and pups on the street while on leash, but when he went to dog park I found that with so many dogs Shorty got really excited, ran all around, and then the excitement turned aggressive so we promptly left. Shorty can be in a house with other dogs for sure, but dog parks aren't his flavor.  I think with medium to slow intros, which is what we did he would get along with any pooch. He and my two dogs get along just perfectly. Any first day signs of dominance are gone and I can't say enough good about him."

Shorty will be available for adoption soon.  If you've got a soft spot in your heart for a big guy and you've got the experience to manage Shorty's little idiosyncrasies where strange dogs are concerned, keep an eye open for him.  He's a good boy.  You can tell just by looking at him, claims

The Frog Princess 


Two French Bulldogs said...

Holy Macaroni! Hope you told them its all muscle.
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

guess i can complain when i got Holly(FBRN grad Snooki)@32lbs